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Tips for cross-border buyers at Ritchie Bros. auctions

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Get more for your money up north – tips for U.S. equipment and truck buyers. With the huge selection of quality equipment selling in Canada and the strong U.S. dollar, it’s a great time for U.S. businesses to head north of the...

Selling equipment? Use our interactive guide to find the right sales channel

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We offer multiple selling options – find out which works for you. When you need to sell heavy equipment and trucks, you want options – not a one-size-fits-all approach. That’s why we offer multiple, flexible selling options to suit...

Discover the new Ritchie Bros.

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Everything you need to succeed. Whether you’re new to Ritchie Bros. or it’s been a while since you’ve done business with us, today’s Ritchie Bros. is more than an auction company – much more. We now offer a whole range of new &...

Our largest agricultural auction ever - CA$33+ million of farmland & equipment sold

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Farmland prices averaged $416,000 per quarter, a new high for Southeastern Saskatchewan Last week we conducted our largest agricultural auction ever in Torquay, SK, selling CA$33+ million of farmland, real estate, and equipment for Hanson...

When it comes to selling your property, don't settle for less

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Ritchie Bros. – the leader in real estate auction services – helps you sell with confidence. Ritchie Bros. is known around the globe for selling heavy equipment, trucks, and other industrial assets. Though something we may not be as...

How to Better Prepare Credit Docs When Starting a New Business

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A little preparation makes the road to success a lot smoother You’ve perhaps heard the adage, “If you fail to prepare then prepare to fail”? That might be a bit dramatic in the case of securing financing, credit or loans, but there’s...

It's National Safety Month - remember these ten heavy equipment safety tips

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Stay safe on the job now and always June is National Safety Month , a time when the National Safety Council highlights the importance of job safety. When it comes to the health and safety of Ritchie Bros.’ employees and...

PurchaseSafe Delivers Confidence When Entering Private Party Sales

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Get to Know PurchaseSafe from Ritchie Bros. Financial Services. The idea of purchasing equipment privately, when a purchase is made from a business or individual who is not an auction house or dealership, can be very stressful for the...

Before you sell: understanding used equipment value

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Factors that determine equipment prices. In a previous article, we looked at how you can get the latest pricing and valuation data for free to help guide your decisions when it comes time to sell heavy equipment. But it’s also...

Before you sell: free tools help you determine the value of your equipment

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Easy equipment valuation tools from Ritchie Bros. If you own heavy equipment , at some point in time you might consider selling it for a variety of reasons – upgrading, need for a different machine, reinvesting the proceeds in your...
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