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#MyRBstory - Meet Zac, Sales Graduate (class of 2015), awarded "Rookie of the Year".

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Zac, congratulations on your award! Thank you. Every time I work hard, I get rewarded; this award is now a great testimony of the fun I had too along the way. To get this award, you need 5 net new business acquisitions within 18 months....

Ritchie Bros. 2016 Hackathon: improving on-site experience through innovation.

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Tech teams go toe-to-toe to innovate for our customers around the globe. On December 15 & 16, Ritchie Bros. held its annual Hackathon at its headquarters in Burnaby, BC, Canada – many of the ideas will be considered for future company...

VIDEO: Toys or heavy equipment on the auction block?

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Have you seen our tilt shift auction video? This video will make you feel like a kid again as you watch hundreds of colorful toy trucks and cranes move around a Ritchie Bros. auction lot. You’d be surprised to know that the toy models in the...

Remote control scale model equipment

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What is it about miniature anything that fascinates young and old alike? From model railways to slot cars to RC airplanes, it seems no one can resist playing with something that’s a tiny replica of its real life counterpart. And if you’re a...

Make tracks for the Caterpillar Visitors Center this summer.

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Here’s a destination that should be on every equipment junkie’s bucket list: the Caterpillar Visitors Center in Peoria, Illinois, USA! Benjamin Holt, inventor of tracks for equipment and founder of Caterpillar, opened an equipment...
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