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Tips to protect yourself against heavy equipment theft

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Heavy equipment is big, hard to move and not exactly easy to hide under your coat—and yet it’s still an attractive target for thieves. When you think of the cost and demand for specialized machinery, it’s unfortunate but really not surprising that...

Retiring from farming: Doug & Penni MacVicar’s story

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Doug MacVicar has been a farmer for his entire life. Doug and his wife Penni, a nurse, operated a farm in Ontario, Canada until they decided to retire from farming in 2012—and faced the tough decision of how to sell their large collection...

Ten heavy equipment safety tips

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If you work around any kind of heavy equipment, you need to have a healthy respect for it. Most, if not all, equipment used in construction, mining, forestry, farming and other industries is big and powerful – and for those reasons,...

How a 1031 Like-Kind Exchange can save you big money

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If you have a business in the U.S. or are a U.S. taxpayer and the time comes to sell your fleet of trucks, excavators, or even a single dozer, the IRS can take a big chunk of what you make from the sale – up to a whopping 40%. It seems...

Ken Friesen's Story Selling with Ritchie Bros.

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Ken Friesen began operating equipment at the age of five on his father's farm. Clearly, farming is in his blood. In 1990, at the age of 28, Ken started his own company - KFC Farms Ltd., a chicken farm and later cattle ranching and hay sales...

John & Pat Chose to Sell their Equipment with Ritchie Bros.

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John Duivenvoorden immigrated to Canada from Holland with his family in 1952€”. He was seven years old. Thirteen years later he married his wife Pat and together they built JPD Farms, which still operates today. "I have always had a...
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