When Ritchie Bros. brings the auction to you, or your equipment

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Ritchie Bros. conducts hundreds of live, unreserved public equipment auctions each year. We have more than 40 auction sites around the world that typically host four or five auctions each year—big, exciting events that attract hundreds of buyers, and sometimes stretch to two, three or more days. Our sites make it easy for people to test, inspect and compare equipment from many sellers, all in one place—so they can buy with confidence, in person or online.

A Caterpillar rock truck being sold at a Ritchie Bros. auction

Have auction, will travel.

But sometimes it makes more sense to take the auction to whatever we’re selling. Some items we sell are hard to move, like farms.  Often we’re approached by customers who don’t live near a Ritchie Bros. auction site—and still want the benefits of selling at a Ritchie Bros. unreserved auction.

That’s why Ritchie Bros. often conducts off-site auctions where we bring the auction to you. We’ve done a lot of them over the years, and we’ve got it down to an art. We take the same full-service, professional auctions you’ll find at any Ritchie Bros. auction site out on the road—including everything needed to broadcast the auction live to online bidders.

One of the many off-site auctions Ritchie Bros. organizes on behalf of equipment sellers

We’ll do everything from setting up tents, chairs and building a ramp for equipment to drive across while it’s being sold, to making sure there’s plenty of bottled water and hot coffee on hand for bidders. After we’ve conducted the auction, we tear everything down again, clean up, and the travelling roadshow is off to another location.

Whatever it takes, wherever it takes us.

Oftentimes, specialized mining or forestry equipment is located in remote regions. If it makes more sense to sell it where it sits, we’ll conduct the auction at the mine site, construction site or forestry camp, or we’ll lease a piece of property for the auction–like you can see in this video:

We’ve taken our auctions all over the world. In 2011, we conducted an auction in the remote town of Sept-Iles, Quebec at the mouth of the St. Lawrence River selling equipment used in the Vale Inco Project in Long Harbour, Newfoundland. On June 17, 2013 in Niagara Falls, Canada, we’re selling equipment used in the recently completed Niagara Tunnel project.

The Virtual Ramp

We can also bring gear in difficult-to-reach locations right to an auction at one of our permanent sites using our Virtual Ramp. Photos of the equipment are displayed on a large theatre screen as they’re sold. Bidders can sit in comfort (and warmth) and bid on equipment located off-site. For example, in March 2013 we sold a large package of mining equipment located in Alaska—including Caterpillar rock trucks—at our Chehalis, WA auction site. We posted photos, details and video online for buyers to view before the auction:

On-the farm auctions.

We conduct more than 100 on-the-farm auctions in Canada each year. When a farmer is retiring or simply decides to sell a farm – land, equipment, and livestock – we’ll bring an entire mobile auction unit to the property. Imagine a small convoy of vehicles arriving with trailers used for registration, administration and payment offices, mobile auction booth complete with P.A. and online bidding connections, even heated/air conditioned bathrooms for customers.

Our line-up of mobile auction vehicles, including PA booth, washrooms and more

We’ll make sure there’s food and beverages available, provide transport from parking areas to where items are being sold, and days or weeks before we’ll have lined up all the equipment, and made sure it’s ready for auction day and is easy for bidders to see. We’ll even hand out rain jackets if it’s going to be one of those days. Watch this video of some Canadian on-the-farm auctions:

Wherever it makes sense for us to conduct an auction and make it as easy and convenient for buyers and sellers to exchange equipment, we’ll hit the road to get it done.

Contact us to sell at a Ritchie Bros. unreserved auction. Your local representative can answer all your questions regarding selling. 

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