Selling equipment? How pre-sale preparation can increase your profit

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Selling heavy equipment and trucks

Simple things you can do to get the best returns possible.

With so much more of the equipment buying process happening online, good pre-sale preparation is more important than ever. With our auctions being conducted 100% online, sometimes the first time a buyer sees an item in person is when they pick it up. But with accurate, detailed information and records openly available, buying sight unseen is less of an issue for potential buyers. And when you sell with Ritchie Bros., we make sure buyers have access to as much info as possible on a machine along with dozens of detailed photos and often video.

It may seem counter-intuitive, but the more you focus on the buyers’ needs, the more likely you’ll get what you need out of a successful deal. Providing potential buyers with the right information to make an educated decision will give them confidence in what you’re selling – and the motivation to buy from you.

Selling heavy equipment and trucks

Getting your equipment ready for sale – a check list

Potential buyers now spend more time than ever online browsing, researching and reviewing equipment before making a decision whether to buy it. And there are a few things they want to see right off the bat: detailed pictures inside and out with a clear view of major components so they can identify any potential issues along with common wear and tear. They also want to see maintenance logs and repair records, and if they can see video of the machine operating, that’s a big plus.

Here's a checklist of things you can do to give potential buyers confidence and increase your returns:

  • Have proof of ownership available and clear title
  • Provide maintenance and/or repair records, certifications etc.
  • Make sure that batteries have sufficient charge to start the equipment
  • Clean the equipment for good photo options including:
  • Undercarriage and tires or tracks
  • Engine compartment
  • Operator’s cab
  • Ensure VIN tag is attached and legible

Selling heavy equipment and trucks

  • Make sure all fluids are at appropriate levels
  • Make sure to note all attachments and accessories that come with the equipment
  • Consign early to take advantage of maximum exposure through our marketing efforts
  • Consider refurbishing, painting, and minor repair services available to you at many Ritchie Bros. permanent locations. Two machines of the same make, model and age with the same hours on the meter and the same mechanical condition can sell for radically different prices based on appearance.

If you have used equipment or trucks to sell, talk to the experts at Ritchie Bros. We connect sellers with buyers located around the world, ensuring sellers get global market value for their equipment. 

For more informationtalk to your Ritchie Bros. representative.

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