Ritchie Bros. sells more than just heavy equipment and trucks.

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A look at some rare items sold by Ritchie Bros.

A look at some rare items sold by Ritchie Bros.

Ritchie Bros. is well known for selling a lot of prime heavy equipment and trucks – $4.3 billion last year alone to be exact. The vast majority of that is premium yellow iron, like excavators, articulated dump trucks, dozers, motor scrapers and more.

But Ritchie Bros. also sells a wide variety of items that could be categorized as a little off the beaten path. Items like boats, airplanes, antique automobiles, and emergency vehicles, just to name a few. We’ve rounded up a small sample of some of these eye-catching lots. Enjoy!

Emergency vehicles

Ritchie Bros. sold over 500 emergency vehicles in the past two years, including over 200 fire trucks and 160+ ambulances. These vehicles are sold at our 40+ auction sites around the world and the designs and makes can vary greatly. 

1994 Teledyne Continental AS32P-32 8x8x4 aircraft crash tender emergency vehicle

This 1994 Teledyne Continental AS32P-32 8x8x4 aircraft crash tender emergency vehicle was sold at our Moerdijk, NLD site in 2015. It once belonged to the U.S. Air Force.

Faun MLF22.30/45V 6x4 fire truck

Our Moerdijk, NLD auction site was also the location where this Faun MLF22.30/45V 6x4 fire truck was sold in 2015. It’s German-made and can reportedly carry up to 81,000 litres or water.

1954 American LaFrance S/A fire truck

Some fire trucks we sell are what you might call "vintage". This 1954 American LaFrance S/A fire truck was sold at our site in Sacramento in 2016 and once proudly served the town of Colusa, California, which is about 65 miles north of the state capital.

Unconventional aircraft

It’s not uncommon to see aircraft selling in Ritchie Bros. auction. In fact, there’s an impressive Cessna C550 8-seater selling in Edmonton this month. But sometimes we see smaller aircraft sell more for recreational use than luxury transportation.

Seabow B2 powered parachute aircraft sold by Ritchie Bros.

This Seabow B2 is a Canadian-made powered parachute aircraft with a unique landing system. The yellow discs on the base are called "spiro wheels," and they allow the pilot to safely land and take off in crosswinds. The wheels also allow the craft to float – in case you need to make an emergency landing in water.

2003 Summit 2 powered parachute aircraft sold by Ritchie Bros.

Another powered parachute aircraft, this 2003 Summit 2 sold in Toronto last year. Unlike the Seabow B2 this is a tandem-style two-seater, so you and a friend can soar the friendly skies together.

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