Life at Ritchie Bros.: Think a career in financial services is boring? Think again

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]: Life at Ritchie Bros.: Think a career in financial services is boring? Think again!

Ritchie Bros. Financial Services is fast-paced, rapidly growing and highly innovative.

We sat down with Chris Quinn, Director of Sales, to get a behind-the-scenes look at what it's like working for Ritchie Bros. Financial Services.

Good morning Chris. Can you tell us about your career path to Ritchie Bros.?

I studied Sales and Marketing before joining the team that would create RBFS (Ritchie Bros. Financial Services). I started in the finance industry working at a small, independent financing company here in B.C., and it was while working at that company that I attended my first Ritchie Bros. auction in Prince George. I saw the passion, vision and philosophy that the company has for its customers. The openness of the leadership was an eye opener. Attending that auction started me down a road that would eventually help create RBFS – equipment financing done the Ritchie Bros. way.

What makes Ritchie Bros. Financial Services unique in the industry?

It’s not just the business model we created, but our corporate culture. No one understands our customers the way we do. We built our model around our customers’ needs, which is very different than how banks and other financing companies do it.

Customers tell us that speed, ease, and convenience are important to them when financing equipment. Banks have a hard time delivering on all three points. RBFS was created to exceed expectations on all three. Speed is a big reason we’re different: what takes banks and other finance companies sometimes up to a week to do, we can often get done in 30 minutes. The faster we get equipment financed, the faster our customers are back working. And that’s what they love about dealing with RBFS.

Ritchie Bros. Financial Services offers career growth
Chris with long time customer located in Grande Prairie, AB

Our team is also very different compared to what you’ll find elsewhere in the industry. The RBFS team consists of great people that live our culture and love what they do. For us, finding the right people is more important than simply hiring people with years of industry experience. We developed an in-house training and onboarding program to train new hires within a matter of months. We’re all located in one building, not spread out across a country, which helps our new recruits get up to speed that much quicker!

How would you describe your team’s culture?

Quite simply: our people stick around, which in our competitive industry is a true testament to our culture. We originally started with a team of people I can count on two hands. Now, we have grown to 70+ in less than six years. A particular highlight for me was when Celine Jensen, an Account Manager who’s been with RBFS since Day 1, wrote the deal this year that put us over the $1 billion funded volume mark. The strong culture that we’ve created continues to drive success and is without a doubt my proudest reflection on how far we’ve come.

Our culture in part comes from making sure we find and hire the right people through a systematic method. We work very hard to make sure we hire the right talent that fits our culture, but also ensures that the job is the right fit for the candidate. Could she or he be a strong advocate of our brand? You don’t just apply for a job with RBFS, you apply to join and add to our culture and grow in your career.

What surprised you when you joined six years ago?

I would not use the word surprised, but amazed. It has been absolutely amazing to watch RBFS grow as fast as it has. We believed in our vision, built the offering and hired the right talent. But to see it work even better than we ever thought possible, that’s been amazing. We created a revolutionary and disruptive business model and we are just scratching the surface. Our only challenge right now is finding the space in the office to fit our people!

Ritchie Bros. Financial Services is a team operation with high potential
This is what makes it all work, our people!

What would you tell someone potentially interested in joining RBFS?

One of the coolest things about RBFS is that we are a rapidly growing, highly innovative, tightly knit group – similar to what you’d expect at a start-up – but also benefit from having the stability and resources as part of a global multibillion dollar company. We love our business, we are passionate about our people and our customers. We offer tons of growth opportunity and a chance to join a great team constantly finding ways to disrupt the industry’s largest players.

If you are looking to join a great team while working in a Results-, Recognition- and Rewards-type environment… Don’t question your level of experience – we will help you bring your career to the next level!

Apply today!

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