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Denise Foxall, Customer Experience Manager

"Much of what we do has evolved out of creativity and a never-ending desire to provide the best customer experience."

You've probably met people who love their job. Often these people radiate an infectious enthusiasm for the work they do and the company they work for. We recently spent time with one of those people. Meet Denise Foxall, a Customer Experience Manager at Ritchie Bros.' since 2007.

Anyone can copy a company's strategy, but not the culture. Some parts are implicit, and others are barely visible on the surface. Tell us what makes Ritchie Bros.' culture unique.

Ritchie Bros. has created a unique business model, and over the years we've grown and changed to our customers' needs. Much of what we do today has evolved out of creativity and a never-ending desire to provide the best customer experience possible. And it's the employees who make it happen – from the yard staff to the front counter to our head offices around the world. We are passionate about providing the best customer service, and that has created an incredible culture amongst our teams. Everyone works together towards a common goal.

Some people attribute culture as a driver for success, boosting performance. Why do you believe culture is so important?

Ritchie Bros. is a service business – it's all about people and relationships. Engaged employees who understand their role and how to provide service excellence – they provide amazing customer experiences.

Ritchie Bros. teams
This is what teamwork looks like. Dirt, sweat, and a lot of smiles, but we did it together.

Customers who have amazing experiences at every touch point with our company, whether online or onsite, buy and sell more with us. The result? They tell other customers about their experience. Word of mouth is powerful and is critical to the health and success of our business.

How would you describe how teams collaborate at Ritchie Bros.?

To me, Ritchie Bros. is similar to a stage play, with our customers in the audience, and our people and the places we do business, (whether onsite or online) on the stage. If you could image a giant curtain separating the employees on the stage to everyone and everything backstage – those are the employees that support the actors on the stage, like IT, Finance, Marketing etc.

behind-the-scenes teams
They may not deal directly with customers, but our behind-the-scenes teams are integral to the "production" that is Ritchie Bros. Regardless of their role, everyone is important in creating value for our customers.

What are some common behaviours that you believe Ritchie Bros. values?

I see amazing champions of our values, demonstrated by every level of employee at Ritchie Bros. We are united in delighting our customers and meeting all of their needs; we are proud of and passionate about our work and have fun doing it; we do what is right and act with the highest integrity; we are entrepreneurial and disciplined in our execution; and we are committed to being a diverse and inclusive global organization. I often witness true customer-centricity, professionalism, responsiveness and overall considerate people – this is in our DNA at Ritchie Bros. Oh, and a great handshake too – that goes a long way in my books!

Find out more about life at Ritchie Bros. in this video.

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