All about Orlando: post-auction analysis.

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Insights into our record-smashing Orlando auction.

The dust has settled, the lots have been all been sold and the auctioneers are resting their weary voices. Orlando 2018 is in the books and it was a record-breaker.

Twelve thousand plus equipment items and trucks sold in just six days, reaching US$278+ million in sales, making it Ritchie Bros.' largest auction ever in its 60-year history.

Read the full press release here.

Orlando 2018 by the numbers.

The news release contains plenty of numerical info that gives you a good sense of Orlando's size and scope. For example, 13,350 bidders from 90 countries shows you just how far our global buyer base reaches. But this year we are digging a little deeper into the numerical madness. Observe the infographic below for the kind of stats that might just blow your mind.

Stats and figure from Orlando, Ritchie Bros’ big auction

Customers like you make Orlando all that it is.

All those mind-bending numbers and jaw-dropping stats would not be possible with YOU. Our customers make this auction what is, which is why we put together this video to thank everyone who participated in the Orlando auction. Check out what Jake Lawson, our SVP, has to say.

Experience Orlando via our social media.

We pounded the hashtag #rbOrlando2018 on social media the whole week in Orlando. Check it all out on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts and follow us if you aren't already. You'll find photos, live videos and more from the big auction.

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