#MyRBstory - Meet Zac, Sales Graduate (class of 2015), awarded "Rookie of the Year".

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#MyRBstory - Meet Zac, Sales Graduate (class of 2015), awarded Rookie of the Year

Zac, congratulations on your award!

Thank you. Every time I work hard, I get rewarded; this award is now a great testimony of the fun I had too along the way. To get this award, you need 5 net new business acquisitions within 18 months. It should come from a minimum of 10 unique customers. I learned all the foundations from the Sales Graduate Program.

What is the Sales Graduate Program?

It's a structured program that sets you on the path to success. It provides you with the tools to learn every aspect of our business: our culture, the auction cycles – but it also challenges you to build your leadership skills. This program offered me the opportunity to understand all the different elements of our business and at the end it all came together. Ritchie Bros. provided me with an opportunity; it was up to me to make the decision to grow.

Why did you join the Sales Graduate Program?

I was a student from Arizona State University, studying a Degree in Business and majoring in Law. I was looking for an Internship and this opportunity with Ritchie Bros. came along. I wanted to work for a company where I could build on the knowledge I had acquired, and with Ritchie Bros.' Sales Graduate Program, I knew that I could grow. Ritchie Bros. is unlike any other organization as it truly invests the time in its people.

Did you know Ritchie Bros.?

I knew nothing about the company. I worked part-time in sales at Sears but saw a great opportunity to apply my learnings from school to work. The Sales Graduate Program was the right fit and the best decision I made because it challenged me to take ownership of my future.

What excites you the most in your job?

We all know that Ritchie Bros. is a great place to work but it's when you hear those testimonies from your customers that you feel the proudest. It validates my passion.

Zac is now a Territory Sales Manager in West Texas, specifically the Permian Basin. In a short few years, he has already worked in several locations for Ritchie Bros.: Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.

Ritchie Bros.' Sales Graduate Program offers unparalleled training designed to provide you with the experience to become a future leader. Discover a career with opportunity at work – apply to join the program today

If you want to learn more about the Sales Graduate Program, click here

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